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  1. Best way to contact me is via Facebook at:
  2. You can also email me directly at:
    poirier at vortexgreen dot ca.

Support my work:

I currently work as a consultant. I gain my livelihood via contracts for companies or research labs. I am building Vortex Green in my free time. I will continue to build it regardless, because I enjoy building it. However, any money donated allows me to take fewer contracts and spend more time developing Vortex Green. So if you want to see more content, new UI features, new game features, improved balance, and more art, the best way is to contribute using the PayPal button in the sidebar.

Young developer program

Ever wanted to have your name in the credits of a commercial game?

Vortex Green is designed to be easily modified with minimal use of external programs. In fact, I try to design content for it entirely within the game. I develop tools as I need them, and I update tools to make my work more efficient.

My goal is twofold: (1) make it easy for people to play the game however they want, and (2) help young developers to develop content for a game and get recognition for it. I do not have money to pay for your time. However, for any non-trivial contribution to the game, I will add your name in the credits in the relevant section, with the font size increased for larger contributions. This means you can brag to your friends that you helped develop a game, and hopefully, this can even help you land a paid job in the gaming industry.

I will continue work on all aspects of the game, but any contribution used will be acknowledged. Currently, I need help in the following areas: (1) artwork, e.g. shots, particles, UI icons, title logo, character skins, (2) content, e.g. maps, skills and balancing, weapons, (3) testing, which must include participation in bug reporting to qualify.

Requirements: No need for a CV or portfolio; contributions are accepted entirely based on merit. You will eventually have to sign an agreement that you won’t sue me for using the material you provided, once I settle on a proper agreement form. At that point, you will be able to choose whether to keep the content in or have it removed.

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