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Download the latest version here (updated January 18th)


  • WASDX to move (both S and X move back)
  • 1-0 to use skills
  • F1-F4 to select weapon sets (which change skills 1-5)
  • Space to jump
  • F5 & F6 to change views
  • F8 to toggle mouselook: (1) with: left/right mouse buttons use skills 1-2, (2) without: left mouse button activates skills 1 & 2 if it can, drag right mouse button to change view direction.
  • Esc for menu
  • Right-click on skills or weapons to change the skill or weapon

Portals Level

  • Objective: enemy portals appear and start producing foes, your goal is to destroy the enemy portals.
  • Influence: each completed wave awards “influence”, which you can spend to use the weapon skills F3-F4. These skills produce allies that re-spawn some time after being killed, thus can be used to permanently give an advantage to your side. Some of them remain stationary, thus are perfect to defend your portal.
  • Allies: allies are fairly weak on their own, but become a formidable force when in larger numbers. Foes also group up to attack in numbers. Work with allies produced by your own portal to achieve your goals faster.

Skill Crafting

  • Menu => Weapon Crafting
  • Click on right / left side of buttons to decrement / increment value
  • Skill ID button: select the skill to edit (or alternatively, right-click on a skill to select it)
  • Pause play: to try skills as you modify them
  • << and >>: to access the 4 ways skills can vary (Stats, Type, Conditions, Draw)

World Crafting

  • Middle-click on a piece of the world to select it and open the UI. Drag using the middle mouse button to move world pieces. F9 changes which 3 axes the piece moves along (XY, XZ, or YZ).
  • Click on right / left side of buttons to decrement / increment value
  • Wall pieces are defined by 3 vectors: (P)osition is the starting position, (W)idth, and (H)eight.

Previous versions:
March 19th, 2013

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