Features and Status

Action-based combat using a flexible skills system.

  • Inflict conditions such as cripple, burning, blind, and energy drain.
  • Buff yourself with resistances, energy efficiency, and speed boosts.
  • Use ranged attacks with effects including spreading, long-ranged, arcing, exploding, and bouncing.
  • Use other skills including summons, teleportations, projectile blocking, traps, and ally-healing.
  • Status: game mechanisms mostly implemented, individual skill design well underway.

Flexible weapon system.

  • Pick 4 weapon sets, which can be any combination of…
  • Two-handed weapons such as bows or rifles, which can be further customized by adding specialty arrows and ammunition.
  • Any combination of two 1-handed weapons such as dual-pistol, sword-pistol, shield-dagger, and dual-shield.
  • Status: implemented and ready for alpha.

A not-so mindless army.

  • An artificial intelligence that recognizes allies as well as foes, and thus seeks the relative safety in numbers. Group behaviour is emergent, not scripted.
  • Foes are not easily fooled by moving targets, so you’d better dodge more intelligently or at least fight from an advantageous position.
  • Status: implemented and ready for alpha.

Adjustable difficulty.

  • Play with reduced difficulty while you learn, and gradually ramp up the difficulty for a real challenge.
  • Adjust the quality of difficulty too: difficulty can be adjusted along several variables such as contribution of allies, damage taken, and game speed.
  • Status: implemented and ready for alpha.

Different levels offer different challenges.

  • Combat levels puts you in charge of turning the tide in a fight against two or more armies.
  • Assassination levels are scenarios where you must infiltrate (through force or sneakiness) and kill given foes.
  • Escape levels are puzzles that requires you to break or sneak by security measures.
  • Status: in progress.

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