[Really convincing sales pitch]

Tired of others telling you what to do, and what to think? Tired of having to pretend being someone else in order to fit in? Do you feel too fat, too thin, sluggish, shy, awkward, or human?

If so, then Vortex Green may be right for you.

Our brain is a spectacular machine. [And when spectacular machines fail, they fail spectacularly.] But even spectacular machines need a vacation. Where life restricts your freedom, Vortex Green celebrates it. Good choices [like buying this game] and bad choices [like not buying this game] are always better than no choice at all.

Go and take risks! Do mistakes! [And leave your brain at home!]

Front door, or climb the trees?Vortex Green is a revolutionary [cough] videogame built around situations rather than experiences. In Vortex Green, you are not forced to walk a narrow path filled with all doors locked except one. You are not required to get the key of awesome in order to enter the pit of despair.

Levels are designed to be completed in many different ways, and players are encouraged to find their own path and their own solutions to the challenges presented. Not every solution will work just as well. [Some solutions will fail more spectacularly than others.]

Choose your arsenal.

The skill bar in all its glory.

Bring any weapons you choose. Pick any 2-handed weapon like the bow or rifle. Or pick any combination of two 1-handed weapons, including the pistol/dagger, sword/shield, pistol/pistol, or my favourite, the shield/shield [because I am awesome like that]. But wait! There’s more! If you act now [or whenever] you also get to bring 4 weapon sets so you can adapt to any situation [maybe].

Smart foes group up to outnumber you. Join allies and outnumber them!


Computer-controlled foes and allies group together for safety in numbers. Group behaviour is emergent, not scripted. One useful strategy in some levels is to support your allies or harass your foes to turn the tide to your advantage. Foes and allies can aim where you will be instead of where you are, so you’d better dodge more skillfully or at least fight from an advantageous position.

Expect a unique experience. So unique, it’s customized.

If you are not 100% satisfied, feel free to change the world to your liking. Vortex Green is built with the patented OPD (open-design philosophy) [not actually patented]. Whenever possible, I put game information in files that anyone can access, modify, and share. I also design most in-game content using in-game tools, which are built-in and available to players so they can use the same tools to modify the game. [work in progress].

Build your own allies.In fact, most of the content I have created so far (levels, characters, skills), I have created using a combination of Excel, simple text editing, and in-game tools. [Yes. Really.] You can play the game as created, or you can change it to your liking. You can make a Megaswordzooka of Demonic Doomness 5000 to rip through foes like butter. Or try again with the Dull Toothpick of Not-Really-Useful-in-Combat and impress everyone, including me.

Join Vortex Green, for a different gaming experience. [Currently in open alpha.]